Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We've got butterflies...in our cupcakes!

Fluttering butterflies are adorning our studio....actually we've been somewhat addicted to making these super cute party/cupcake picks...we are loading up 5 colour palettes this week onto our madeit and etsy stores...pretty pink on white and grey, peppermint and white, classic yellow, grey and white, cool blues on grey and white and fun purples in three tones with white!

Of course in true red elephant style we are happy to custom order quantities and colour palettes to your liking!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adore your valentine...bake them some cupcakes....

In keeping with the theme...the way to their heart is via your loved ones stomach, home baked cupcakes from the heart are a sure fire way to win over your valentine...Don't forget to make pretty your creations, in cupcake wrappers, delicious icing and of course one of red elephant creative's sweet heart cupcake toppers!

All of these lovely cupcake ideas are available from our homegrown aussie online market madeit!

Cafe style chocolate Maraschino cupcakes recipe by precious things

Scalloped cupcake wrappers by Enchanted creations

Fabulous Upcycled Vinyl Record Cupcake stand by Red Zebra Designs

....and I really can't go without reminding you to dress them in sweetheart cupcake picks...
by red elephant creative (of course!)


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living with a monkey....well just about!

I have two opinions on parenting...one is that the challenge is all relative...some of us have good sleepers, some have babies that don't sleep, others are social angels and some bawk and cry at the sight of a stranger. No matter what our offspring bring to our lives, the challenge of being a parent is all relative to our experience and not an easy ride for anyone...no matter what their situation beholds.
I for one, have a climber...we call him the monkey...from the age of 5 months, before he was even able to sit he was climbing the couch and commando crawling around the ground....a real live wire! Lucky I like his name....and god bless my poor neighbours because the constant drill of my voice is 'monkey, get down from there, please come here, please don't drag the chair over to the kitchen bench/fridge/desk to help yourself....'blah blah blah.
When we moved here we thought renovating an 'open plan house' was a great idea....all budding renovators, do re-think that if you plan to have toddlers in your midst! Aside from spreading anything of any part of the house to another...his latest trick is to drag said chair over to the front door, to let himself out...
I have to confess, some days I really wonder how I am going to get through the day! Juggling a monkey and three month old (who is already rolling mind you - I thought a girl was my get out of jail free card this time...think again Mummy)!
So as I write this blog, amongst a floor decorated in toys, a laundry dressed in clean washing and chairs littered anywhere but near a table I think to myself...its no wonder my house looks like a hurricane just went through...this shouldn't last forever...and breathe whilst I remind myself to enjoy it whilst it lasts...because I am sure one day they will be off to school....and I will miss them! (then i might find the time to paint the front door -see photo).
So, off I go to take my only daily spell, with piece of chocolate, glass of milk and home lifestyle magazine to sit and dream of when my house could resemble a fresh, clutter free sanctuary...amongst a little of fisher price and duplo....As for the other opinion? That is parenting is a very personal thing....but that I am sure will come to head with a whole new blog entry!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Adore your valentine....drizzle them in chocolate

Sweet, rich and touching all the right spots....chocolate of course! Drizzle them in the smell of perfume oil, tease them with a chocolate print, about chocolate...and touch their lips with chocolate jaffa lip balm..before serving up delicious Gluten free oreo cookies, shaped like hearts and dressed in chocolate chips. Romance is sweet as chocolate this valentines day...all available online at www.madeit.com.au - just click on the image to buy!

Dark Chocolate Perfume oil by Fantastical Microlab

Keep Calm and eat chocolate print by Hark Home

"Jaffa" lip balm with chocolate, orange and vanilla by Sniff this!

Gluten free oreo sweet hearts - the GF cookie 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adore your valentine....run them a bath!

As I continue this quest on ways to adore your valentine...I remember that I once used to love hanging out in the bath.
Its a very rare luxury which I give myself these days given that I am tackling two little ones under two...but there really is nothing more relaxing than putting your head under water and drifting into the world beyond for just one moment....ahhhh...I digress.
SO spoil your valentine...run them a bath, pour them a glass of wine and lower the lights, light some candles...and give them some time to enjoy...or join them! Either way, the gift of luxury needed cost the earth....but these sweet little items from madeit might help!

(click on the image to be taken to their beautiful madeit stores)

LOVE soap from bubble lane

Pure and gentle bath sales by Oliveen

Soap Hearts - Vanilla bean scent by From my Hearth

Heart shaped candles by Green Ritual

Adore your valentine - write them letters of love...

Valentines day is less than a month away...so over the next few weeks I will be visiting ideas of ways you can adore your valentine!
Todays idea is the old fashioned kind...write them a letter of love..or two or more...leave them in their lunch box, in their car...send them by snail mail to work...or home, when they least expect it, they will feel your love, the old fashioned way :)
Write from the heart, about days gone past, about days ahead - about what you love ... about your loved one!
Spray it with perfume, fill the envelope with rose petals, kiss it with lipstick - make it pretty....!

...and write in on our love letter sweet heart love notelts...available at our madeit (for the Aussies) and etsy (for the internationals)....



Sunday, January 15, 2012

More new stuff.... and seeking advice on stock control management

This design is totally out of my comfort zone...its sporting no colour, not an ounce...which my philosophy is to always wear at least one piece of colour...but it works and its fresh, contemporary and somewhat organic...and lets justify it by saying...well you can always use it to dress something colourful.
These are hand stamped scalloped tags with a garden vine block print in stone ink...I dare say, I will find other uses for this print...I do like it...alot! oh! they are available on etsy and madeit of course! Links to my online stores are in the side margin of this blog!

On a lot less creative note, i am looking for advice on stock control management...ie keeping track of what I have made and in stock....With small item stationary stuff, particularly that which uses unique papers which are seasonal, and therefore not always available, I need to keep track of what I have for online sales and my visits to markets as well as retailers (hint hint nudge nudge wholesale enquiries welcome over here ... :)) has anyone had any experience using any of the online stock management systems or do they have any manual system which they have used successfully??? Your tips would be much appreciated!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

All good things must come to an end...goodbye making spaces

This is a story very close to my heart...as we say goodbye to a place which played a huge part in launching and fast-tracking the success of red elephant creative.
Making spaces was a project designed by two handmade lovers Kirsten and Kirrily in response to an initiative fuelled by Arts NSW and PopUp Parramatta to fill empty trading spaces in Parramattas CBD. And so, it seems, that their job is done...as the space that Making spaces occupied will be home to a new, more permanent business - and Making Spaces will close their doors to accommodate it.
For red elephant creative, Making Spaces was the launching point of our little venture. It gave me the opportunity to test designs and different product lines in a closely monitored environment, a perfect platform whilst I had baby number 2! During this time I was also able to build my online stores, and Making Spaces ensured I could still manage some cash-flow for materials and keep the momentum flowing. Finally, it gave me exposure to some fabulous designers out there...with whom I will enjoy a continued relationship as we share a very special common bond in handmade. In short, without Making Spaces, red elephant creative certainly wouldn't be where we are today, without the kickstart it gave us. Thank you so much girls!
What really must not go unnoticed is the hard work and passion these girls applied during their time working on the Making Spaces project. This tireless effort not only benefitted the PopUp project, but also those who sold their handmade wares in the store. It provided for us a sense of community, a platform for us to grow our brands and for the community a place to buy beautiful handmade products. Not to mention the valuable business advice that the girls were so willing to give...for free!
Doors will close on 21st Jan...make sure you pick up the last of your very special handmade goodies whilst you are there :)

For more information, go directly to their blog. www.makingspaces.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Polkadots front page it on Madeit!

I have so many reasons to be thankful in 2012 and one of them is to the success of red elephant creative - and the designs making their impact.
Today we are on the front cover of madeit.com.au (YES! I KNOW...AGAIN) and we are certainly counting our lucky stars!!! Check out red elephant creatives lime scalloped gift tags....with polkadots of course!
THANKS Bec and the team for once again giving red elephant the spring in its step for the week! Bless you for your hard work and tireless efforts in making handmade a project of love shared around our beautiful country!!! (ps...I am getting better at using my new mac...note the fabulous screenshot taken using Paparazzi! - theres the plug!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cupcake picks now available on made it and etsy!

NEW! In celebration of Valentines Day...and or any other significant lovey dovey occasion, think wedding, engagement...or seriously sucking up to your loved one....spy our love letter range and sweet heart picks! In our etsy and made it stores now! These are a smaller sister version to our cupcake toppers (only available on made it). We also have some sweet pastel flowers...super cute for your little princess or a baby shower/kitchen tea.

They aren't limited to cupcakes tho...you can use these on yummy truffles as fruit picks, sandwich picks, canapé picks...or tooth picks!

Why not spoil your loved one with some home baked cupcakes dressed in love hearts, check out the yummiest chocolate cupcake recipe earlier on this blog!

Cupcake/party picks are available on www.madeit.com.au/redelephantcreative or www.redelephantcreative.etsy.com


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cupcakes never looked sweeter...Looks like our cupcake toppers are being noticed!

Its really exciting to see red elephant creative new ranges being noticed! Especially after putting so much energy last year in developing our style...whilst I thought it would be something that happens straight away, its definitely a process which requires lots of thought and ongoing tweaking to find something which tickles your heart when you make it and see it finished. So our new cupcake topper/party pick range is also being noticed on etsy. I am still to upload the full range to made it and as such, haven't yet made the formal announcement on this blog yet...but do I need to say anymore? Or shall I let this treasury speak for itself!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Front page on made it baby - Good luck definitely comes in threes....

Okay, so we are walking around with our head so big, its in the clouds....well truthfully, I am not that type of person but I am walking on clouds with a heart filled with warmth cause red elephant creative made it to the front page with our scooter mini art cards! Its a sunny day here in the Mountains and this "Sunny day finds' by made it definately made my day a lot sunnier!

Thanks to Bec and the team...and thanks for your tireless hard work to give makers of handmade a platform to share their creations~!

PS...I am a bit of a virgin to blogger and uploading made it pages to my blog....if anyone can please help with some advice, I would be forever grateful! THANK YOU!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tag me up baby...we got featured AGAIN!

This time its a homegrown feature....check out lovely Narelle's Madeit Monday themed "under the sea" and our by the seaside tags! oh, and make sure you check out her sexy jewellery, I'm off to favourite her now...for sure!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tag me up baby...We got featured!

We've recently been featured in a couple of treasuries, thank you lovely likers of red elephant creative!

what a lovely way to start the year!!!! ooooh this little red elephant is feeling the love!!!

Happiness and Health are the wishes for 2012 to all our followers! xx