Friday, December 30, 2011

Storing your Christmas loot...just look up!

We survived Christmas with Mr 2 year-old and Miss 12 week old...with the choice to stay at home this year, just the four of us. Thanks to the Landscaper adorning his chef hat for the day and putting on a delicious pork belly and prawn feast. I made my first pudding, instigating new traditions with our new little family, with the intention to cook one every year...I really do need a good recipe tho, this one was a little tasteless - so if anyone wants to share their family secret recipe with our family...please do...sadly my Nannas recipe went with her to heaven.
Of course Santa and the rest of the family spoiled the little ones...and so we need to find a solution to fit the loot in our tiny abode. We have this fabulous community garage sale on Facebook where I picked up a tall vintage bookcase for $30 - bargain, which has been great to arrange the toys on. It needs a paint and some TLC but the idea to go "up" with the use of tall shelving has certainly been the ticket to solving our toy storage issues...until more loot arrived of course, so now I am off to cull the toys and sell them on the aforementioned community garage sale site.
BTW - I highly recommend this garage sale Facebook page as a way to clear your clutter, turning it into cash money...its working a treat for us - if you don't have one in your community, its easily set up by word of mouth and a simple Facebook page...people then take piccies of their stuff, including details of price and location, with the first in to comment 'sold' taking the treasure. They then go and pick it up from the persons house-everyone happy!
So...for those looking for a storage solution to your christmas loot...maybe consider some of these ideas on etsy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Toddler-proof christmas tree - just rig it from the ceiling!

Ours is an unconventional christmas tree this year, its a branch, rigged from the ceiling to ensure toddler safety (call in ex-roadie Husband for such a great idea this year), no tinsel (we might be tempted to use it to tie up the toddler) and the angels...well they can be spied within the branches, not above! The fairy lights spiral up the flue of our fireplace (again, call in ex-lighting guru husband) - Its really the prettiest tree I have ever had...the photos really do it no justice.

Enough said lets look at what trees adorn the branches of etsy for your home!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A gift of random kindness from a local of land of the lovely

I call our town 'land of the lovely people' sounds corny, but after moving from the big smoke over four years ago, I am forever grateful we have found a place where lovely, thoughtful, giving people live.

1000 metres above sea-level, 90 minutes from Sydney a little place called Katoomba...until last year we had only two supermarkets and a kmart. It gets cold, really cold for Australia - there are lots of trees....and breath taking canyons...but this is not what this blog is about.

I went for coffee today at my usual place. The girl who owns the shop (also a dear friend) walked out with the cutest ever little hat for miss 12 week-old....handmade of course! "For Miss 12 week-old!" she said with a smile.
"Thank you for the lovely gift" I responded.
"Well actually, said Ms Coffee shop, Ms Lovely gave it to me! I saw her at the markets the other day and she asked if I knew someone who had a little baby that it would fit, and I thought of Miss 12 week-old" my girlfriend said.

I had met Ms Lovely a few times via another local lovely. She shares a market stall at a local market, selling her handmade creations. Instead of putting the hat on the stall to sell, she thoughtfully gave it away...This is the type of person who I share a community with! A reason to be grateful today!

The hat is beautifully made with the sweetest fabric - I love it...Thank you Ms Lovely and Ms coffee shop for your random thoughtful act and reminding me of what a great place I live.
Finally, this brings me to the story of a guy who I read about a few years back. He started the "Karma Army" a group of people who commit random acts of kindness towards others, preferably complete strangers....I have followed this prophecy loosely, there is so much satisfaction in giving random acts of kindness, actually it can also be rather amusing - with some people really not sure how to react....I must flag to share some of these stories someday but in the meantime, make sure you read about Danny Wallace and his journey (albeit almost an accidental journey) to make the world a better place. I guarantee you, its not what you would expect to read, but certainly a story that will make you grin non-the-less.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi all! I am having a runout sale on all Christmas stock - up to 40% off! - stock up on pretty chrissy papery fare!

New inshore - Punchies / diecuts in CARDSTOCK!

A bowl full of inspiration for anyone who loves paper. These are made out of quality acid free card stock and will make your projects just that little bit more special! :) To buy - Just click!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspire me - inspiration at home...and 'out there' a new creative genius (or nerd)

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is my children...through their play, through their artwork, funny things they say and do...

This week my inspiration is from Oscars tower...he's nearly two and for the first time built his OWN lego tower, no assistance from Dad (or Mum)....I am proud as punch of course - check out his use of colour, and the structures balance - he might choose to be a builder one day (less likely an architect - he's not into sitting and doing in one spot for too long, he gets that from his Dad ;))...

Which reminded me of this fabulous designer who is new to making spaces marketplace this month....fabulous use of colour and such a unique idea. After seeing her designs, I have thought of her designs often....we don't have to be little to enjoy the wonderful, colourful invention of lego! Make sure you check out 'Here come the nerds' and I have always said, Nerd is the new cool!

Top photo creation by Oscar, Master two and my dear boy

Bottom photo - 'Here come the Nerds' , courtesy of making spaces!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New in our etsy store - notelets - send an envelope with love

Notelets - pretty in pink - polkadot flower - set of 6 Notelets - whimsical garden - set of 6 Scalloped Gift Tag - Vintage teal Scalloped Gift Tag - Vintage rose Mini Art Card and envelope set - Super Scooter on Yellow and white stripe  - Set of 4

New vintage girl tags with beautiful teal and white polka dot
or vintage rose. Swing tags are packaged in sets of 6.
Mini art card sets with uber cool scooter on yellow and white stripe.
I am not sure what it is that say's viva la france about these sweet little cards -
great to have on hand for those emergency gifts!
Also, notelet (sets of 6), with lovely whimsical forest decal or pretty
pink polka on pink flowers.
Make sure you check out my store...

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