Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chandelier Glamour : Get the look, Inspired Decor from real events.

photo: Marco Del Grande 

The theatre is a fabulous place for inspiring fact, many industry professionals have made the journey from theatre, to event production...and so bring forth LaTraviata, which recently opened on Sydney Harbour....sporting the most amazing and huge chandelier....

Who doesn't love a glam event?

SO ... Looking to getting the look at your black tie, glamour affair can be as cheap
as Ikea, as easy as your local event hire place and as fun and fabulous as etsy....

buy it...
Kristaller Chandelier by Ikea (requires hard wire electrician)

Pink Collection Romantic Cottage Pink Chandelier, Shabulous Chandeliers


hire it...
Silver Moroccan Chandelier (takes candles), Chair Covers and Candelabra (Sydney)

hire it...
Crystal Candelabra, Adelaide Wedding Decor (Adelaide)

 hire it...
Vintage Candelabra, Wedding World (Perth)

add the detail

scatter your table with crystals...
Swarovski Crystal clear beads
Mrs Pickles Sewing Emporium on etsy

DIY....Loop strings of crystal beads around a plain votif....
lace it through a tree...
...drape it around a table
Czech seed beads, Enchanting Beads on etsy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mothers Day - THINK PINK HEARTS for a special cause - Proceeds to Breast cancer research....from red elephant

Okay....blogs are personal right? Well, its about to get very personal....I lost my Mum to breast cancer 10 years ago....I am not here to cry on your shoulder, it was a long time ago now and whilst there is never a day that I don't think of her...we all have a story to tell...this just happens to be one of mine.
SO! In years gone by, I have always used Mothers Day as a day to do something positive for the community...previously we have planted trees (see for further info), this year it will be red elephant creative helping me make the difference.
Heres' the drill...
I have JUST released a new garland - pink sweet hearts, for every one sold prior to Mothers Day (Sun 8th may) I will donate $2 to breast cancer research. The garland can be used to decorate your Mothers Day table, wrap around your mums gift....drape it on her dressing table mirror, or across her bed - remind her your heart belongs to her, on Mothers Day!
In addition, I will be adding the pink and red plad cupcake toppers - and pink and white striped toppers - where $1.50 of each packet sold will be donated. Make mum cupcakes, or perfect for your Mothers Day lunch table...use them as fruit platter picks, atop chocolates and petit four or sweets for high tea or even tie one to her gift as decoration.
As I release more PINK SWEET HEART creations, they will be included in this little fundraiser...Help the red elephant make a contribution to breast cancer research (see
red elephant creations can be bought online:
Australia -
Worldwide -

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee = Therapy....I have a place to fix that!

Once upon a time, to release the weeks stresses of life in the events world I would cruise to a cool bar for a drink....or dance my worries away at some fabulous place decorating Sydneys nightclub circuit....once upon a time...that was what you did when you were free as a bird...with a semi-disposable income....
Those days have changed.
These days my therapy is coffee....whilst I do like to brew my own at home, for that intrevenous lifeline...holding the moment to the aroma of freshly grounded beans and sit and breathe out the moment to survive the next minute....but sometimes home isn't enough, and I have to get out....
So those days of desperation, I have a place where the Barista brews a latte "true to the bean" ...and named appropriately so. A neat little establishment with a bar where I drape my sorry self, to talk away my worries...and drown my sorrows in a perfect brew. Lisa and Craig, the owners are friends of are all her family and so, this has become an institution where my children are welcome and we have found recluse since the first week they were born (sometimes I am lucky enough to have my hands freed, whilst the children are nursed by one of the family who dwell there). The place is True to the bean must visit when your in town.
I also have a place...which takes me those days of a Darlinghurst cafe strip culture...where I used to tap up the sidewalk in my heels and buy a minutes peace from the desk of the corporate event queen. A place which I dare not visit with the children....and probably will not frequent even with friends. Its a place where usually its only the owner who knows me, so I am left bliss out with a nice strong espresso, listen to the beats and remember a day when it was only me. The place is Nikita Bar, must visit....but only if you promise to pretend not to know me.
And then there is the place...where we go for a bite and let the children run crazy in the gardens, around the ponds. Its a place where I visit with our favourite play date mates. Where theres lots on offer for my non-wheat eating days....where we sit outdoors, even when the sun is shining....a place where the children feel at home. The place is Lilys Pad Cafe Leura....Take the kids when you visit....They will love it...and so will you.
So! When your visiting the Blue Mountains...these are the haunts....make sure you say hi...enjoy the warmth of those who own these fabulous establishments for they are all very special people in my life - they provide me with sanity and a home away from home....I like to call them more ways than one!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elephant hearts....Colour your table in tangerine tango....

Decor for an event doesn't just mean pretty flowers, centrepieces and napkins
...colour your event with what you serve!

Chocolate Blood Orange Cupcakes super scrummy via and recipe on baked on 

Tangerine Mousse by 6 bittersweet's, recipe available on pure joy events blog

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red elephant digs....Design elements in stripes!

I am a stripes and polkadot girl through and through....I really think you can be both...recently whilst working on new designs I have asked myself....are stripes still the element of the moment? But on pondering a moment further I have concluded...unlike chevron which might come and go, the lineal stripe is a classic....welcome any time in the design movement, its just how you make them work....

Red elephant is totally digging these striped icons of the moment.

In the kitchen: Striped Smeg Fridge, colour me retro...

In the lounge: Classic striped chair by French style chairs

In your glass: Retro striped straws available online at Montresor

Holding your loot: Fabulous treat bags by Sambellina Party

YES PLEASE! I honestly can't give credit to anyone for this pic! 
THOUGH it is posted on lots of image pin style sites, so hopefully 
the person who owns it...wont mind me loving this so much to pop it 
on my blog! ANYONE who spys one and wants to buy it for me....
I will be ETERNALLY yours!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rabbits on your table??

So beautiful is this card stock with its natural ash fleck that it almost looks like the rabbits sweet, perfect to team with our flower picks in pastel palate
to create an easter garden table decor for your easter celebration.

Not to be limited to cupcakes can use party picks on canap�s, as fruit picks or chocolate petit four.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Stripe sweetheart cupcake any colour!

Watch as we grow this range...but don't limit your palate, we can now do these in ANY colour of the rainbow....have a colour theme you need us to suit? Just ask! redelephantcreative[a]'d love to!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The red elephant sees new branding.

This has been brewing for a while...months in fact. Like a good wine some of our designs take a while to get right....and when its the face to your name, its definitely going to take a while....

So here it is, done....I woke this morning and still loved it - clean and fresh, festive, elegant and just the right accent of colour....

Friday, March 9, 2012 reconnect with me

I am Nicole and I am a stress bucket … without a chance to reconnect with myself from time to time….well, it can lead to catastrophe…like Monday. Usually a fresh start to the week with hubby on standby with the children all weekend, Monday is my day at home blissfully playing Mummy doing the chores….usually. After getting the children down for their nap, I tried a yoga stretch, and broke into tears…..Cue husband arriving home for a quick lunch – great! Just what you want…an audience.
The truth was after three weeks of sick family and teething children I had given all I could…to everyone else. I had nothing left in my little red wagon to give to myself or anyone else for that matter. It was that old familiar feeling of too many gigs back to back…once upon a time when I was the career girl in the big smoke.
You need to go back to Yoga, hubby said. Well, sniff, theres a Yoga class on Friday mornings at 7, with my favourite teacher….sniff, can I go? Whilst Friday wasn’t ideal for him, he took the morning shift and I was booked and ready to go.
This morning despite a long night with miss 5 month old, I was up at sunrise, showered, dressed and literally skipping off to studio….I drove down a little lane to find the most beautiful little sanctuary…cold climate gardens, with the leaves just on the verge of turning…and a pretty little studio, big picture windows and a crackling fire….what a way to welcome the day.
Though its been nearly 2 years and a pregnancy since my last class, I did quite well physically, considering…the challenge was in silencing the mind…and finding my balance…but in time this will come and for now just being in this class is the most perfect way to give to me…one hour a week to surrender to my inner self and find my balance….for me…and nobody else…so I can be better at being me, the one that cares for them!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last minute pressie? Get on your bike!

Fabulous handstamped brown scooter image on yellow and white stripe.

I don't know what it is about this card that says to me viva la France!?

These art cards are perfect for petite gifts or keep on standby

for those last minute pressie purchases.

Hand stamped and hand cut and designed with love on quality

paper and recycled cardstock.


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday stroll

Today there was a break in the weather to take a Sunday stroll with the family into town. The sun was shining on our shoulders and the birds sang to us before we reached our favourite cafe for our latte and baby chino fix....homebound wore the toddler out just enough for a nice long day nap....perfect!

I spy a few little items that I would love to take with time ;)

red elephant hearts - yolk folk and carrot crew in town - easter activity and decor for your kids!

I just HAVE to share this one with you....such a unique idea by Mibo Studio decorate your home (and keep your little ones busy)....these are so very cool! You print and assemble home...with all the wet weather, this is definitely one I am saving for the toddler...

Make sure you check out the rest of their store whilst you are there is a jungle crew (right down this red elephants alley), jet set crew and wise old crew...fabulous!!!

Treasure Treasure...and another front page on madeit.

This week we had no less than EIGHT etsy treasuries feature our goodies and our Mumma Babushka mini art cards were the front page cover girls of madeit (well done ladies)!

Four luck! By The Hobby Room includes our tree mini art cards - Andrea makes devine tutu / pettiskirt props for little ones.

Dearest Dotti includes our lime polkadot swing tags - by Presence Designs Jenni has stunning handbag designs and we just LOVE polkadots.... :)

Baby and Me by funky stacks features our new superstar garland - we just love the blue blue and red colour pallet, it has inspired our little ones room! Check out their super cool Jewellery.

This stunning treasury Blue Green Dreams treasury includes our teal stripe bird cupcake Kristi McMurry, who has stunning and very unique photography.

Spring green wedding is fresh and fabulous with our lime polka dot tags by Indigo twin weddings who make unique and memorable wedding cake toppers and invitations

Very cool is this Stripes Yipes treasury by They Roared Vintage who have some amazing vintage dresses to die for...

Grey, Green and Inbetween includes our Lemon and Grey heart garland, The very talented Lilly from LT photographs has some beautiful fresh photos inshore.

PHEW Finally, Secret to it all once again features our most favourite colour palette blue and red...featuring our star punchies...Thank you to Mugsleys for including us....we *heart* your clever collection of Mugs...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

wrapping with confidence....part one - tie it up

Its not the whats inside the gift that counts...its the thought right? So a little effort into your wrapping makes for even more thought and confidence when delivering that the one you love.

So for the next few weeks we will explore ideas to wrap your gifts with confidence...and whilst what is inside might be the most simple of gifts...the thought has been extended from execution...(hmmm only red elephant can put buzz words into something like 'wrapping a gift')...

I am big on plain paper...its so simple to pretty plain paper with a little string, bakers twine or even lovely garland...cost effective yet totally creative wrapping - check out these ideas.

pretty paper garlands

bakers twine meets doily

traditional ribbon or raffia accented with a fun tag 
(spy our new design big tag in chevron...just waiting to be printed)