Saturday, June 19, 2010

Katoomba Winter Magic Festival

Today was fun! We went to the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival. The whole of Katoomba street was filled with market stalls. I can surely see myself manning my own market stall one day. It was so inspiring...keeping the dream in my midst.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Start at the very Beginning

So this blog is to start with the building of my new venture, Red Elephant White Elephant.
I have always loved creating with my hands, I have spent many a sleepless night with ideas dancing around in my head. I have been dreaming of this for such a long time!....Now is the time to finally put those ideas to use and create a world which can be shared with others and which will also hopefully bring a little cash to buy some goodies for my little boy Oscar.
So far I have learnt to be true to my passion - brightness and colour. Develop ranges which are truley me - Be confident and believe in what my heart creates, not my head.
There is lots to do ahead, in setting up systems and creating my blog, my branding and of course my amazing creations.
My first range will reflect some fun shapes which I created for my sons Nursery when I was pregnant. My beautiful friend and I spent many a day decopaging shapes, dreaming of what was to come with the bubba to be. He is now five months - and a fun little sidekick with whom I share my days.
At the moment I am obsessed with chalkboard paint....hense this has been the start of many a sleepless night, the ideas have been a flowing.

And so the venture I have put it down on blog, I am committed and I look forward to the journey ahead and the new friendships which may also arise from this journey.