Monday, June 27, 2011

An inspirational workspace!

Don't you just love spreading out on the floor! I have been feeling sorry for myself - not having a "studio" or "office" or "creative space" ... I am sharing an office with my husbands Landscape business and having to clean up every time I use it...and then, today when he came home from work, he found me - on the floor and having the most lovely time - spreading out my materials and getting a fabulous birds eye view of what I am making! Lets just hope baby #2 (I am incubating her as we speak) allows me to get "down on the ground" before she arrives in 12 weeks!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stampin Up a storm!

Well I have been given a box of heaven! My dear (and dare I say one of my in longest) friends has closed up her shop. With open arms and love she passed on her beloved collection of fabulous hand carved stamps. Whilst I thought at first it would be hard to produce some original stuff from the beautiful images she has been working has been surprisingly simple to develop some new ideas.

So...last night in a flurry of inspiration I started to stamp....and stamp and then, some more....what is even more exciting is there was a whole platform of coloured inks to work with....what more could i ask for than an amazing headstart like this(pix to come soon).

Friendship is such a gift...particularly beautiful friends like Kirsten who upon closing the door of one part of their life, encourage others to follow in their footsteps with the most beautiful sense of grace and warmth....Thanks Kirst, I am forever grateful and never forgetting how lucky I am to have you as my friend! xxx