Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids Birthday party...Does it have to be sugary madness?

Oscars cousin is turning one this weekend...its his first birthday party and going to be a very exciting time....however this also poses a dilemma....the sugary menu is beyond what I would consider appropriate for Oscar at 7 months of age.

Don't get me wrong...I will continually refer to my favourite saying to all Mums and Dads who might not necessarily share our parenting views..."Parenting is a very personal thing". However with Mr O more active than most babies his age...alert and sporting a challenge with a very short attention span, I am far beyond introducing sugar into his diet when it really isn't necessary, as yet.

So, in a quest to ensure he doesn't miss out on birthday party fun of devouring fun and fancy foods (for little ones that is)...I decided to look at the options of "bringing a dish" which would be party fun, yet sugar free....

Heres what I came up with in search of my quest.

Pikelet Shapes - make pikelets or little buckwheat pancakes and cut with cookie cutter shapes - we are going to choose a star in this case, or a could say that they are cross between a cake and a cookie, and there are plenty of recipes without sugar included.
Watermelon triangles - who doesn't love watermelon? These can be cut into triangles with the skin on, perfect for little teething mouths.
Banana Oat Drops -
1 cup ground oats (wizz in food processer until ground to fine consistency)
1 banana, mashed (you may like to mash some frozen blueberries into this mix as well)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch cinamon, ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 1/2 teaspoon oil
mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, gradually add wet ingredients to dry, until almost dough like consistency is formed. Use spoon to "drop" onto tray lined with baking powder. Cook for 10 mins (or there abouts) on moderate oven (180 degrees).
Blueberry Smoothies - My little one isn't on cows milk just yet, but wizzing up his formula with some yoghurt and blueberries to make a smoothie means he's getting the goodness of blueberries without the blueberry kisses! A rare treat of course..served only with a straw - not in his bottle and not to make a habbit out of!
Frozen Yoghurt - (icecream for little ones) Wizz up plain yoghurt and pureed fruit such as banana, paw paw (Oscars favourite), Peach or vanilla essence and freeze into icecubes, serve as an icy treat with a spoon and bowl great for teething as well.

Another recommendation is to have a "chat" to your partner and ensure they understand your wishes before attending the grand affair...I have heard horror stories about people offering babies sugary sweets without the other parents consent...and like I said before "parenting is a very personal thing".