the handmade choice

Why choose handmade?

So you have to buy a gift...for a loved one or yourself?  You can go to a store, or shop online...amongst the miriad of big brand names, in department stores, and lots of choice....of mass made articles, made cheaply in big factories.
OR we can shop online or go to a market or bricks and mortar store, which have a range of original, creative pieces made with love....and even speak to the person who made them about making something custom for our loved one. Aside from the fact that present is more thoughtful to the reciever, supporting handmade is.... ENVIRONMENTAL choice, less packaging waste, less factory waste, less need for mass transportation...

...a choice of ORIGINALITY, often there are few or no other reproductions.

...SUPPORTING a bigger concern than just profit margins...your choice provides a sense of FULFILMENT to the individual who created the item.
....the margin on the product is SUPPORTING A FAMILY OR INDIVIDUAL directly (not a huge marketing and entertainment budget, plant costs, and CEO overseas trips)...its putting food on the table, buying christmas presents for the kids.... and more often than not, buying another handmade item within the community.

... supporting A COMMUNITY of individuals who share a common bond in the business of handmade as well as a friendship and support network.

... handmade QUALITY control, attention to detail is the focus here people with handmade quality, not just factory manufactured and shipped out by machine!

There is so much more that can be added here, please feel free to share the reasons you support handmade...