Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ingredients for the perfect Fathers Day

Fathers Day here in downunder and the wind is blowing a gale outside, not so good for outside picnics....particularly with an 8 month old.

So what are the important ingredients for a memorable fathers day? Especially a first fathers day?

The present- Doesn't have to be expensive and socks and undies can have their place in the gift bag, but sometimes its the cheap and cheerful gift which can be kept for ever and a day as a memory which is the most appreciated gift. This year, Oscar gave his Dad a case of boutique beer (at his fathers request, the stuff isn't cheap either - $65 a case!), a pair of casual shorts and a card which had a "worlds best fathers day present" fridge magnet inside....what was the favourite?? The cheap ol' magnet!!! Why? Well according to Oscars Dad, its because he can keep it - forever, on the fridge and be reminded daily, that he is a it is after all the thought that counted in this house this Fathers day.

The Breakfast - Tim isn't into Pancakes, but this morning, because he knows its my favourite, he requested I make him pancakes....why? Because he wanted to see me Happy, don't I have the sweetest husband ever? He even cheerfully ate, buckwheat pancakes (Not even the sugary kind), with low fat yoghurt and fruit (no icecream)...knowing that its the healthy stuff that keeps his wife happy (and guilt free whilst we try and shift this baby weight once and for all!).

The outing - A destination again chosen not for Oscars Dad but for us. So here he is googling kids indoor activities, as we have decided to postpone the previous kiddy farm animal visit and picnic due to the windy weather.

Its so nice to think that today isn't about Dads wholly and soley, our Dad is so sweet in his nature that a perfect fathers day is one where his family are happy, rather than do something which is about him!

Happy Fathers Day Honey, thanks for being such a tops Dad!