Friday, March 9, 2012 reconnect with me

I am Nicole and I am a stress bucket … without a chance to reconnect with myself from time to time….well, it can lead to catastrophe…like Monday. Usually a fresh start to the week with hubby on standby with the children all weekend, Monday is my day at home blissfully playing Mummy doing the chores….usually. After getting the children down for their nap, I tried a yoga stretch, and broke into tears…..Cue husband arriving home for a quick lunch – great! Just what you want…an audience.
The truth was after three weeks of sick family and teething children I had given all I could…to everyone else. I had nothing left in my little red wagon to give to myself or anyone else for that matter. It was that old familiar feeling of too many gigs back to back…once upon a time when I was the career girl in the big smoke.
You need to go back to Yoga, hubby said. Well, sniff, theres a Yoga class on Friday mornings at 7, with my favourite teacher….sniff, can I go? Whilst Friday wasn’t ideal for him, he took the morning shift and I was booked and ready to go.
This morning despite a long night with miss 5 month old, I was up at sunrise, showered, dressed and literally skipping off to studio….I drove down a little lane to find the most beautiful little sanctuary…cold climate gardens, with the leaves just on the verge of turning…and a pretty little studio, big picture windows and a crackling fire….what a way to welcome the day.
Though its been nearly 2 years and a pregnancy since my last class, I did quite well physically, considering…the challenge was in silencing the mind…and finding my balance…but in time this will come and for now just being in this class is the most perfect way to give to me…one hour a week to surrender to my inner self and find my balance….for me…and nobody else…so I can be better at being me, the one that cares for them!

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