Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red elephant digs....Design elements in stripes!

I am a stripes and polkadot girl through and through....I really think you can be both...recently whilst working on new designs I have asked myself....are stripes still the element of the moment? But on pondering a moment further I have concluded...unlike chevron which might come and go, the lineal stripe is a classic....welcome any time in the design movement, its just how you make them work....

Red elephant is totally digging these striped icons of the moment.

In the kitchen: Striped Smeg Fridge, colour me retro...

In the lounge: Classic striped chair by French style chairs

In your glass: Retro striped straws available online at Montresor

Holding your loot: Fabulous treat bags by Sambellina Party

YES PLEASE! I honestly can't give credit to anyone for this pic! 
THOUGH it is posted on lots of image pin style sites, so hopefully 
the person who owns it...wont mind me loving this so much to pop it 
on my blog! ANYONE who spys one and wants to buy it for me....
I will be ETERNALLY yours!! :)

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