Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee = Therapy....I have a place to fix that!

Once upon a time, to release the weeks stresses of life in the events world I would cruise to a cool bar for a drink....or dance my worries away at some fabulous place decorating Sydneys nightclub circuit....once upon a time...that was what you did when you were free as a bird...with a semi-disposable income....
Those days have changed.
These days my therapy is coffee....whilst I do like to brew my own at home, for that intrevenous lifeline...holding the moment to the aroma of freshly grounded beans and sit and breathe out the moment to survive the next minute....but sometimes home isn't enough, and I have to get out....
So those days of desperation, I have a place where the Barista brews a latte "true to the bean" ...and named appropriately so. A neat little establishment with a bar where I drape my sorry self, to talk away my worries...and drown my sorrows in a perfect brew. Lisa and Craig, the owners are friends of are all her family and so, this has become an institution where my children are welcome and we have found recluse since the first week they were born (sometimes I am lucky enough to have my hands freed, whilst the children are nursed by one of the family who dwell there). The place is True to the bean must visit when your in town.
I also have a place...which takes me those days of a Darlinghurst cafe strip culture...where I used to tap up the sidewalk in my heels and buy a minutes peace from the desk of the corporate event queen. A place which I dare not visit with the children....and probably will not frequent even with friends. Its a place where usually its only the owner who knows me, so I am left bliss out with a nice strong espresso, listen to the beats and remember a day when it was only me. The place is Nikita Bar, must visit....but only if you promise to pretend not to know me.
And then there is the place...where we go for a bite and let the children run crazy in the gardens, around the ponds. Its a place where I visit with our favourite play date mates. Where theres lots on offer for my non-wheat eating days....where we sit outdoors, even when the sun is shining....a place where the children feel at home. The place is Lilys Pad Cafe Leura....Take the kids when you visit....They will love it...and so will you.
So! When your visiting the Blue Mountains...these are the haunts....make sure you say hi...enjoy the warmth of those who own these fabulous establishments for they are all very special people in my life - they provide me with sanity and a home away from home....I like to call them more ways than one!

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