Monday, December 19, 2011

A gift of random kindness from a local of land of the lovely

I call our town 'land of the lovely people' sounds corny, but after moving from the big smoke over four years ago, I am forever grateful we have found a place where lovely, thoughtful, giving people live.

1000 metres above sea-level, 90 minutes from Sydney a little place called Katoomba...until last year we had only two supermarkets and a kmart. It gets cold, really cold for Australia - there are lots of trees....and breath taking canyons...but this is not what this blog is about.

I went for coffee today at my usual place. The girl who owns the shop (also a dear friend) walked out with the cutest ever little hat for miss 12 week-old....handmade of course! "For Miss 12 week-old!" she said with a smile.
"Thank you for the lovely gift" I responded.
"Well actually, said Ms Coffee shop, Ms Lovely gave it to me! I saw her at the markets the other day and she asked if I knew someone who had a little baby that it would fit, and I thought of Miss 12 week-old" my girlfriend said.

I had met Ms Lovely a few times via another local lovely. She shares a market stall at a local market, selling her handmade creations. Instead of putting the hat on the stall to sell, she thoughtfully gave it away...This is the type of person who I share a community with! A reason to be grateful today!

The hat is beautifully made with the sweetest fabric - I love it...Thank you Ms Lovely and Ms coffee shop for your random thoughtful act and reminding me of what a great place I live.
Finally, this brings me to the story of a guy who I read about a few years back. He started the "Karma Army" a group of people who commit random acts of kindness towards others, preferably complete strangers....I have followed this prophecy loosely, there is so much satisfaction in giving random acts of kindness, actually it can also be rather amusing - with some people really not sure how to react....I must flag to share some of these stories someday but in the meantime, make sure you read about Danny Wallace and his journey (albeit almost an accidental journey) to make the world a better place. I guarantee you, its not what you would expect to read, but certainly a story that will make you grin non-the-less.

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Amaria said...

I found your blog through the MadeIt forum and have just spent some enjoyable time browsing. I love the Blue Mountains- I have happy memories of holidays spent at Faulconbridge with my gramdmother and my uncle (who taught Art at Katoomba High.
I tried to follow your blog, but it doesn't work.