Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspire me - inspiration at home...and 'out there' a new creative genius (or nerd)

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is my children...through their play, through their artwork, funny things they say and do...

This week my inspiration is from Oscars tower...he's nearly two and for the first time built his OWN lego tower, no assistance from Dad (or Mum)....I am proud as punch of course - check out his use of colour, and the structures balance - he might choose to be a builder one day (less likely an architect - he's not into sitting and doing in one spot for too long, he gets that from his Dad ;))...

Which reminded me of this fabulous designer who is new to making spaces marketplace this month....fabulous use of colour and such a unique idea. After seeing her designs, I have thought of her designs often....we don't have to be little to enjoy the wonderful, colourful invention of lego! Make sure you check out 'Here come the nerds' and I have always said, Nerd is the new cool!

Top photo creation by Oscar, Master two and my dear boy

Bottom photo - 'Here come the Nerds' , courtesy of making spaces!

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