Friday, December 30, 2011

Storing your Christmas loot...just look up!

We survived Christmas with Mr 2 year-old and Miss 12 week old...with the choice to stay at home this year, just the four of us. Thanks to the Landscaper adorning his chef hat for the day and putting on a delicious pork belly and prawn feast. I made my first pudding, instigating new traditions with our new little family, with the intention to cook one every year...I really do need a good recipe tho, this one was a little tasteless - so if anyone wants to share their family secret recipe with our family...please do...sadly my Nannas recipe went with her to heaven.
Of course Santa and the rest of the family spoiled the little ones...and so we need to find a solution to fit the loot in our tiny abode. We have this fabulous community garage sale on Facebook where I picked up a tall vintage bookcase for $30 - bargain, which has been great to arrange the toys on. It needs a paint and some TLC but the idea to go "up" with the use of tall shelving has certainly been the ticket to solving our toy storage issues...until more loot arrived of course, so now I am off to cull the toys and sell them on the aforementioned community garage sale site.
BTW - I highly recommend this garage sale Facebook page as a way to clear your clutter, turning it into cash money...its working a treat for us - if you don't have one in your community, its easily set up by word of mouth and a simple Facebook page...people then take piccies of their stuff, including details of price and location, with the first in to comment 'sold' taking the treasure. They then go and pick it up from the persons house-everyone happy!
So...for those looking for a storage solution to your christmas loot...maybe consider some of these ideas on etsy!

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