Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Front page on made it baby - Good luck definitely comes in threes....

Okay, so we are walking around with our head so big, its in the clouds....well truthfully, I am not that type of person but I am walking on clouds with a heart filled with warmth cause red elephant creative made it to the front page with our scooter mini art cards! Its a sunny day here in the Mountains and this "Sunny day finds' by made it definately made my day a lot sunnier!

Thanks to Bec and the team...and thanks for your tireless hard work to give makers of handmade a platform to share their creations~!

PS...I am a bit of a virgin to blogger and uploading made it pages to my blog....if anyone can please help with some advice, I would be forever grateful! THANK YOU!

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Tupsy Turvy said...

Wow! How fortunate! I must say, I love those scooter gift cards.