Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adore your valentine - write them letters of love...

Valentines day is less than a month over the next few weeks I will be visiting ideas of ways you can adore your valentine!
Todays idea is the old fashioned kind...write them a letter of love..or two or more...leave them in their lunch box, in their car...send them by snail mail to work...or home, when they least expect it, they will feel your love, the old fashioned way :)
Write from the heart, about days gone past, about days ahead - about what you love ... about your loved one!
Spray it with perfume, fill the envelope with rose petals, kiss it with lipstick - make it pretty....!

...and write in on our love letter sweet heart love notelts...available at our madeit (for the Aussies) and etsy (for the internationals)....



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Tupsy Turvy said...

Such sweet designs and beautiful ideas of showing how much we care.