Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adore your them a bath!

As I continue this quest on ways to adore your valentine...I remember that I once used to love hanging out in the bath.
Its a very rare luxury which I give myself these days given that I am tackling two little ones under two...but there really is nothing more relaxing than putting your head under water and drifting into the world beyond for just one moment....ahhhh...I digress.
SO spoil your them a bath, pour them a glass of wine and lower the lights, light some candles...and give them some time to enjoy...or join them! Either way, the gift of luxury needed cost the earth....but these sweet little items from madeit might help!

(click on the image to be taken to their beautiful madeit stores)

LOVE soap from bubble lane

Pure and gentle bath sales by Oliveen

Soap Hearts - Vanilla bean scent by From my Hearth

Heart shaped candles by Green Ritual

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