Sunday, January 15, 2012

More new stuff.... and seeking advice on stock control management

This design is totally out of my comfort zone...its sporting no colour, not an ounce...which my philosophy is to always wear at least one piece of colour...but it works and its fresh, contemporary and somewhat organic...and lets justify it by saying...well you can always use it to dress something colourful.
These are hand stamped scalloped tags with a garden vine block print in stone ink...I dare say, I will find other uses for this print...I do like it...alot! oh! they are available on etsy and madeit of course! Links to my online stores are in the side margin of this blog!

On a lot less creative note, i am looking for advice on stock control keeping track of what I have made and in stock....With small item stationary stuff, particularly that which uses unique papers which are seasonal, and therefore not always available, I need to keep track of what I have for online sales and my visits to markets as well as retailers (hint hint nudge nudge wholesale enquiries welcome over here ... :)) has anyone had any experience using any of the online stock management systems or do they have any manual system which they have used successfully??? Your tips would be much appreciated!!!

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