Saturday, January 14, 2012

All good things must come to an end...goodbye making spaces

This is a story very close to my we say goodbye to a place which played a huge part in launching and fast-tracking the success of red elephant creative.
Making spaces was a project designed by two handmade lovers Kirsten and Kirrily in response to an initiative fuelled by Arts NSW and PopUp Parramatta to fill empty trading spaces in Parramattas CBD. And so, it seems, that their job is the space that Making spaces occupied will be home to a new, more permanent business - and Making Spaces will close their doors to accommodate it.
For red elephant creative, Making Spaces was the launching point of our little venture. It gave me the opportunity to test designs and different product lines in a closely monitored environment, a perfect platform whilst I had baby number 2! During this time I was also able to build my online stores, and Making Spaces ensured I could still manage some cash-flow for materials and keep the momentum flowing. Finally, it gave me exposure to some fabulous designers out there...with whom I will enjoy a continued relationship as we share a very special common bond in handmade. In short, without Making Spaces, red elephant creative certainly wouldn't be where we are today, without the kickstart it gave us. Thank you so much girls!
What really must not go unnoticed is the hard work and passion these girls applied during their time working on the Making Spaces project. This tireless effort not only benefitted the PopUp project, but also those who sold their handmade wares in the store. It provided for us a sense of community, a platform for us to grow our brands and for the community a place to buy beautiful handmade products. Not to mention the valuable business advice that the girls were so willing to give...for free!
Doors will close on 21st Jan...make sure you pick up the last of your very special handmade goodies whilst you are there :)

For more information, go directly to their blog.


Jodie said...

well said, it was a beautiful store, run by 2 hard working ladies. I am going to miss it.

Suzanne said...

Agreed, on all counts.