Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living with a monkey....well just about!

I have two opinions on is that the challenge is all relative...some of us have good sleepers, some have babies that don't sleep, others are social angels and some bawk and cry at the sight of a stranger. No matter what our offspring bring to our lives, the challenge of being a parent is all relative to our experience and not an easy ride for matter what their situation beholds.
I for one, have a climber...we call him the monkey...from the age of 5 months, before he was even able to sit he was climbing the couch and commando crawling around the ground....a real live wire! Lucky I like his name....and god bless my poor neighbours because the constant drill of my voice is 'monkey, get down from there, please come here, please don't drag the chair over to the kitchen bench/fridge/desk to help yourself....'blah blah blah.
When we moved here we thought renovating an 'open plan house' was a great idea....all budding renovators, do re-think that if you plan to have toddlers in your midst! Aside from spreading anything of any part of the house to another...his latest trick is to drag said chair over to the front door, to let himself out...
I have to confess, some days I really wonder how I am going to get through the day! Juggling a monkey and three month old (who is already rolling mind you - I thought a girl was my get out of jail free card this time...think again Mummy)!
So as I write this blog, amongst a floor decorated in toys, a laundry dressed in clean washing and chairs littered anywhere but near a table I think to myself...its no wonder my house looks like a hurricane just went through...this shouldn't last forever...and breathe whilst I remind myself to enjoy it whilst it lasts...because I am sure one day they will be off to school....and I will miss them! (then i might find the time to paint the front door -see photo).
So, off I go to take my only daily spell, with piece of chocolate, glass of milk and home lifestyle magazine to sit and dream of when my house could resemble a fresh, clutter free sanctuary...amongst a little of fisher price and duplo....As for the other opinion? That is parenting is a very personal thing....but that I am sure will come to head with a whole new blog entry!

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