Sunday, February 5, 2012

The day vintage saved my life....

Lately I have been dreaming up a blog post called...'a slave to vintage'...every time I try to jam shut my old antique wardrobe, every time I trip over the renovation sprinkles of our old mountains cottage and every time I don't fit into my uber cool vintage brown leather jacket....(thanks pregnancy). For if you have a love for vintage, there is at one time or another that you become a slave to your love...for the love of vintage isn't one which comes easily.
I grew up in an old homestead, built in 1886 to be exact, one of the first orchards in our area. I went to school in an old chevrolet, and after that a pontiac. On Sundays my Dad drove a cadillac...and the music I grew up with was played on a Jukebox....basically I had no chance but to love things that are old...and dusty....and full of character!
So last night, when my whizz bang, digital, super shiny sewing machine inherited from my dear Aunt chewed, jammed and snapped the thread for the fifty thousandth time....I threw my usual 'this machine sucks' tanty and went to bed.
I awoke this morning with an fresh perspective. I packed the shiny bugger up and dragged up from the barn, old faithful - the vintage machine which I learned to sew on when I was a wee one. Covered in dust, I wiped her down with trusty baby wipes and threaded her up. Plugged her in and away she went....and in all honesty, the stitching is much more beautiful, even, more perfect than I have ever achieved with the other Mr Shiny, ever. As I sewed, I had flashbacks of my youth, sewing all sorts of wonderful creations with this beauty.
I am guessing from the style of chrome branding on the front she is circa, 1950's. She is pretty turquoise and all metal...and she purrs like a kitten. So here I make my the vintage machine, which saved my day...and made my paper garland that little bit more special. Thanks Mum for leaving her behind for me. I shall name her Martha, and she will stay and play with me in my little studio in my little old cottage on my little old timber table. As for Mr Shiny, off to the barn for you!

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Katie H said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that post Nic. Here's to Martha honey, and long live your love of things vintage and treasures with character, heart and soul. I'm with you xo