Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A front page listing, a miserable infant and a single moment of zen - all in a day at the house of red elephant creative!

We madeit on the front page of madeit today! YAY! It was a day for lime ... both on the madeit selection with our lime swing tags and in our house with a not so sweet, rather miserable and sour flavoured Miss Angel...snotty and blocked up...and tired after a night with no sleep...for any of us oh, except the toddler (thank goodness Mr Action Man sleeps like a log)!
Today being daycare day for Mr 2...I usually have a big long list of tasks for the Landscapers business and red elephant creative....not to mention the usual domestic chores of a superhero (sorry, SAHM)....and so the day became a jumble of School run, Toddler screaming to come back home, BAS, Attempting to settle miss grizzle, Filling orders, Attempting to settle miss grizzle, Paper supply orders, Nursing miss grizzle and Picking up toddler and so begins the evening routine, dinners, baths, feeds........Settling miss took nearly 2 hours to get her down....after vicks, panadol and finally the steamer mixed with a funny little settling sway thing going...we got there...and she settled....PHEW!
....AND THEN! I did something I haven't done for a very long time. I sat on the floor next to her cot....and stretched, in my favourite yoga pose, and breathed....for quite some time. Then I did another stretch ... and I found my inner sanctuary... for just one moment of peace.
I walked out to the landscaper, who asked me if I was okay....actually, I feel which he replied with a tone of surprise, You look very relaxed.
I am Nicole, and a lot of the time...I am a bit of a stress bucket. Rewind back to my former life as Event Manager extraordinaire, and the place of zen amongst a whirlwind of gigs, clients demands, meetings, airports and hotels was to stretch and breathe....My discipline was yoga and it grounded me (not to mention the fab things it did for my body)!
Fast forward, two little miracles later, two family businesses and a house under renovation - I seem to have forgotten the important place that Yoga holds in my life. A very dear family friend reminded me the other day to give a little to myself....and so I will make this remember to stretch, and breathe, and give to myself for just a moment of each everyone should, in their own little way (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).......

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