Friday, May 4, 2012

Big things come in small packages - applauding bespoke, indie, hand-made

This week has been a roller-coaster professionally and personally....hang on...every week seems to be a roller coaster at the moment....and I guess what I am about to say illustrates my point nicely!
A huge step forward for red elephant creative with lots of custom orders, A huge reality check in how exposed my online business really is and two teething children has had me thinking about what goes into a Bespoke enterprise from scratch....
Most of us are building a new creative business from nothing on a 'part time' basis, amongst other professional careers, and some of us also juggling an already deemed 'full-time jobs' as Mums.
The time and dedication which goes (often single handedly) into developing our designs, building our brands, creating, listing on websites and booking and appearing at markets, blogging, tweeting, face booking and networking in general...not to mention the steep learning curve with 'learning the ropes' in many of the areas of marketing, finance and running a business in general,  the hourly investment in chasing our dream is far beyond the reality of a full-time income....
The about turn on the investment is a beautiful sense of support, from people who you have never met in person, who love your creations for their true representation of passion in construction and travel a journey in sisterhood (and brotherhood) with you, shouting from the sidelines a sense of love and support...something I doubt possible without the tool of social media...nothing I have ever experienced in a career in the crazy events world in 15 years.
It has been 9 months red elephant creative since has been established and we have a long way to go before we will be satisfied with what we offer to the world.........its a continual effort in refining the branding, the designs and our message to this beautiful industry. We felt a cold slap this week in the face of Listing Piracy - but the hearts and heads of the industry over-ruled, giving us the strength to continue with our passion in making make you smile.
So I take this opportunity, by way of this blog to pause and to hold out my hand and congratulate every person who has attempted a journey in this industry...who has shed blood sweat and tears (figuratively speaking) in building a business in Bespoke, Indie, Handmade....because its bloody hard work, and you all deserve a big around of applause.
Thank you for giving me the inspiration.
Nicole xx