Monday, April 9, 2012

My hero in the form of a 2 year old toddler!

The easter bunny took his was a scary time - for O was a true devotee to his 'mumma' - addicted one would almost say.
Prepped with lots of counselling prior to the event (and I confess, not a whole lot of practice- his choice) we took the plunge and fished it out of his room in the early hours of Easter Morn.....distracted by Easter eggs....of course!
And so....fuelled by chocolate hangover, the first few hours were tough...tantrums every time he asked, and we reminded him, that the dummy was gone....taken by the bunny in favour of eggs and no back up dummy existed anymore...for he was a big boy now.
The daytime nap came and went (truthfully he wasn't really that good at taking them anymore, the big boy status came with a new routine which didn't need a sleep anymore - much to my disappointment) we let it go.
Then the night time routine commenced. We let him have his night bottle in bed, whisking it away before he went to sleep and without a peep, he popped his head down and drifted off to dream land.
We waited, wondering at which point we would hear the familiar cry 'mumma' as he fished around for his dummy in the middle of the night....but he didn't....and before we knew it, it was morning and O was crawling into my bed for morning cuddles, fist full of easter chocolate which he managed to raid from the WAS after-all cause for for the moment I let it ride, whilst we cheered on the little champ who never ceases to surprise me.....and once again became my hero.

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