Saturday, February 25, 2012

seeeing my shop and every moment of a special this just sleep deprivation?

This morning was like many a Saturday morning, but without the unforgettable buzz that one can only experience on a Friday night in some fabulous Sydney bar (ahhhh those were the days!)....I woke, totally sleep deprived...this time from bed hopping from toddler to baby and back again....she is teething, he has a cold - So with a heady wave we got the family dressed and kept them alive with the standard fruit and oats spread and got ready....for a looong lunch, to celebrate our wedding anniversary...!
Its our first wedding anniversary, well technically on Wednesday it will be our first, but really its our fourth as we chose the 29th Feb to get hitched....we decided that way we have less chance of getting sick of each other....if you get the whole leap year drift! Cue grandparents right on noon with the toddler down for a nap and the baby entertaining the grandparents with angelic smiles we barefooted it out the door, strung on my highest of strappy heels in the car, and hotfooted it to one of our local simple venues, yet boasting the most fabulous views in the Blue Mountains.
Rewind to the old days and such an affair would see us in some fabulous hatted restaurant, devouring world boasted delights and sipping some special labelled vino...but today we byo'ed, turned a brasserie menu into a 3 course feast and stared out into the wilderness that surrounds our locality. Then talked, for three hours, uninterrupted by toddler or baby....or business commitments, or television....just the old days....bliss!
When we got to dessert, I realised I wasn't even wearing makeup due to the giddy morning of sleeplessness....but you don't need it said the landscaper....awwww sweetness....
So tonight I am seeing stars....(and so is our shop!) check out our latest garland...which i also made for the toddlers bedroom...its been catching my eye when I pass his door and it really looks fab if I may say so myself! I can see why the garland is such a popular really is a unique and super cute way to decorate. I have always dug the blue blue and red palate, its perfect for a boys room...(a timeless classic)...well for this little garland we needed one more contrast and grey fits the bill a nutshell....I love it!

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